March 24, 2007

First spell

I had been thinking about getting a blog started for months now, there used to be one in my office but then they sent me to London and I dont have access to it anymore!

But I have got too far - guess I must introduce myself to anyone who cares to, or has the time to, read these things. Well, I'm a 24-yr old from the charming city of Hyderabad in central (okay, southern) India. I did my engineering almost by default, and entered into an 'IT' profession after that again, by default and currently working in London. I hope to return to my dear Hyderabad after finishing my 'sentence' here.

I follow Cricket as no body in my acquaintance does - I even have what I call a 'Cricket collection
' where I maintain a record of all the matches, events in the world of Cricket through collecting scorecards and articles from newspapers and pasting them in a scrapbook. This way I have followed every match played by India since 1993 and every international match since 1996. May be it was the statistician in me which prompted a 9-year old to start collecting scorecards - whatever it was, I felt I owed it to myself to do it and could never stop after that - a couple of my friends who had started it with me couldnt even continue for six months. I still have the books Rakesh and Shravan (my oldest friends) handed over to me all those years ago when we were in the fifth standard! God, that was 15 years back!!!

Other than that, I enjoy reading and watching movies, though it is the latter that seems to have taken precedence lately. Blame it on the bloody unlimited pass - you see, we have a pass here using which we can watch unlimited movies for as little as 11 pounds per month! With myself starving to watch the Hollywood releases back home earlier it sure is a blessing for me. Period.

That's quite a lot of crap generated out of thin air.. promise more noteworthy things in future.

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